Our Programs

Escape Plan has created no-nonsense programs that successfully address real life situations with effective solutions for corporations, organizations and groups. Many hours have been spent extensively researching how the body and mind are affected psychologically and physiologically when confronted with the perception or reality of a dangerous situation. This research validates that the techniques needed should be based on gross motor skills.

Escape Plan trains minimum groups of 20 participants. We do not yet provide classes with an open enrollment for the public. So, gather a group of friends from your school, church, club, or membership organization and schedule a training. We also work with corporations to create custom programs designed to train security, and all personnel, proactive safety measures. All programs are delivered in an energetic and interactive way that ensures an entertaining, yet educational environment.

Escape Plan offers many services for groups, organizations and corporations.

  • “Protective Thinking” Pro-Active self-defense training
  • Security Consulting & Training
  • Training in the use of batons
  • Diversity Education & Training
  • De-escalation Education & Training
  • Control and Stabilization Training
  • Creating SOP’s for companies and organizations
  • Speaking on custom topics to groups, at seminars and conferences.

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